How to design a good mobile app for a restaurant business- Guide

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The topic may sound pretty trivial, right ? Restaurants will have categories, subcategories, food items, prices and more or less that’s it.

Let’s have a look now at the scenarios we must answer

  1. Why do the hoteliers and restaurants would like to provide a tablet for guests ?
  2. What do the guests expect on that ?
  3. How the ROI be calculated on that expense of creating the application ?

For a QSR or a fast food joints where the number of menu options are limited, it is easy to develop these apps or even a smart board display solution will work.

We should rather concentrate to develop an application for fine-dining restaurants where people spend a lot of time and where the hoteliers have opportunities of cross-selling.

  1. When the user is interested in one dish and moves it to order basket, the app should intelligently tell the accompaniments.
  2. Engage the user with Offers.
  3. Learn the user and suggest him the dishes from their history.
  4. Ask a couple of questions about the age and liking of the family and suggest only those dishes. Why do the application have to leave the choice to the user of skimming through the large menu options and make them confused ?

Technical features :

  1. Create an offline menu so that the user experience is great and no way any network related difficulties come into the forefront. The moment we talk about offline, many people gets worried about the synchronization framework. This is not an uphill task, but this is a must.
  2. Seamless navigation across menu options. The users should be able to move around with the minimal number of clicks and back and forth.
  3. Always have a one-tap view of the order basket.
  4. Include all payment options.
  5. Must synchronize with the availability of the item and inventory. So, have an easy to use Administrative panel with multiple access roles and reporting framework for Chef, Inventory Manager, Restaurant Manager, Owner etc.
  6. Implement Feedback collection and generate basic analytics.

There are various ways to develop the mobile application for Restaurants. Depending the budget and demographic distribution, the choice of the platform can be adopted.

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