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There are a plenty of software or applications available in the market for managing projects, meetings, tracking actions, agenda etc. Thus, looking at this and the enormous success achieved in desktop / web application & mobile applications of meeting and project management, our developers put their efforts in the development of meeting minutes (to create,manage and track meetings).

Now Meeting Minutes is available for android only. But we are developing and testing for ios and web to make and manage meetings more easily and accessible to all. Now Meeting Minutes Version 5.0 is available and is absolutely free to use.

Features of “Meeting Minutes”:

Meeting Minutes application allows the users

  • to create and update meetings
  • add the meetings for automatic reminders through calendars
  • view the Upcoming and Past meetings.
meeting minutes
meeting agenda action tracking management app

Add the attendee and the application automatically sends email to the invited person.

Organizers can create Minutes of Meeting by

  • adding agenda items
  • Updating Notes
  • Create and manage risks ( with probability, priority, mitigation plan, contingency plan and Found/Closure Dates)
  • Create and manage issues

Manage Action Items

Each Attendee can view the Meeting Minutes in a read-only mode.

Additionally each user can view the Action ItemsIssues and Risks assigned to them from different meetings in a clustered way.

You can find it on playstore for free.

Click here to go to the playstore link of Meeting Minutes

If you think this application is useful to you then share your review and motivate us to work better for this type of application.

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